The biggest and best concert tours coming in 2022

In 2022, concert tours are back in full force.

Everyone who didn’t tour in 2020 and wanted to tour in 2021 is back this year. Most every big arena tour was postponed until this year or canceled and rescheduled for this year.

It seems like everyone is on tour or headed on tour.

Of course, that’s all with a caveat: Lots of things are still canceling and rescheduling.

I combed through a multitude of concert calendars and tour announcements to bring you information on these highly anticipated tours.

As always, check the artist website to find the most up-to-date tour and ticketing information. And I recommend buying tickets from the website listed on the venue website.

Billie Eilish

The Happier Than Ever tour was announced last year after Billie Eilish had canceled her previous tour. But in the meantime, Eilish released a new album, Happier Than Ever, that she said was a self-reflection from during the pandemic. It’s considered one of the best albums of last year and was nominated for seven Grammy Awards. Lucky us. Catch her on tour

Dua Lipa

The Levitating singer is headed out on tour with openers Megan Thee Stallion, Caroline Polachek and Lolo Zouai. The bill of Dua Lipa and Mega Thee Stallion is a big one, and it’s going to be something else to see. The tour will be out there from February 9 to April 1.

Eric Church

The country star has been on the road since last September, and his tour has been going strong. He’s in the middle of it now, and he’ll be on the road through May. Church has a lot of material to play, having released two albums — Heart and Soul — last year.

Bad Bunny

The Puerto Rican rapper and singer is headed on tour in Feburary and finishing out April 9. Then later this year, he’s doing a stadium tour, doing 29 more dates with Alesso and Diplo joining for those shows. It should be a big one.

Elton John

The one-and-only Sir Elton continues his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. He’s doing a series of tours as a farewell, retiring from constant road dates. The 74-year-old singer wants to spend more time with his family and less time in hotels and concrete walled backstage rooms in arenas. I’ve seen the show when it came through here a couple years ago — yes, he’s been doing it that long — and it’s a really good time. He plays just about every song you’d ever want to hear.

Tyler, The Creator

The rapper is headed on the road through April for his Call Me If You Get Lost tour with Kali Uchis, Vince Staples and Teezo Touchdown. That’s quite a lineup, and it follows Tyler’s Call Me If You Get Lost album, which is widely considered the best album of 2021. If you have htis one coming to your town, consider yourself damn lucky.

The Decemberists

As in their song Sons and Daughters, the Decemeberists are urging us to arise from the bunker and head out. The verbose indie rock band is headed out on tour for a month in August at a limited amount of venues. Check their website to see if they’re coming near you.


Real quick, let’s look at some tours that were scheduled for this year but have already been canceled or postponed.

  • The Weeknd canceled all his previous dates but now promises a new tour with dates to be announced for the summer.
  • The Fugees had a 25th anniversary tour but canceled.
  • Adele’s Las Vegas show dates got canceled, and she updated fans just a day before it was set to start. Some fans were mad because they were already in Vegas, but fans are urged to keep their tickets since the residency will be rescheduled for this summer.
  • Rage Against the Machine postponed the start of their Public Service Announcement tour, which was set to begin in May. Touring alongside Run the Jewels, those dates should be rescheduled after the tour resumes in July.

My Chemical Romance

This much-anticipated reunion tour will kick off in the UK and Europe before starting up in North American in late August. Like others on this list, they’ve had to juggle cancelations and reschedules, but it looks like they’re good to go now. They’re also headlining the When We Were Young Festival, the Las Vegas festival happening over three days in October.

John Mayer

After last year’s Sob Rock, the singer/guitarist is headed on tour to play the record, which was inspired by the soft rock he grew up listening to in the 80s. The toru kicks off in february and continues through April.

Justin Bieber

The Biebs rescheduled his 2021 world tour for this year, and he’s heading out on tour starting in February. His album Justice was released last year, and this tour will take him all over the world with dates stretching into 2023.


After releasing Solar Power last year, Lorde is headed on tour on a limited amount of dates in April and May. It will be the first time we’ll be able to hear her play Solar Power live outside of a few talk show performances.


The Haim sisters haven’t really been on the road since 2018, even after releasing Women in Music in 2020. Now they’re doing One More Haim Tour from April through June this year.

What else?

Those aren’t the only tours out there. I urge you to check the listings at your local venues and support them. Almost all music venues are small businesses, and they definitely need your support after a couple light years.

Get up to date information on these tours by visiting the artist’s website and get tickets from your local venue website.

I also want to mention that the best thing you can do to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to make sure your favorite band is coming to town is to get vaccinated. The data’s pretty simple and easy to understand: People experience less intense symptoms, go to the hospital less and die much, much less when they’ve been vaccinated.

It’s been a popular meme, but it’s true: Vaccines are a gateway drug to concerts.

You want your favorite concert tour to actually come to town? Get vaccinated, and encourage your friends to do it, too.