Paying tribute to The Beatles’ Rubber Soul with Matt Whipkey

A few years ago, Matt Whipkey covered Drive My Car off of The Beatles’ Rubber Soul.

Later he did another. And another. And after writing and releasing a very personal album, Hard, about his life and his divorce, he decided to dive full into covering Rubber Soul.

The result is Gummi Soul: Another Rubber, an album made with love and admiration for the source material but with fun and experimentation in mind. And forgive the pun, but Whipkey made it with a little help from his friends, often taking a back seat to other vocalists and other guitarists to meat his vision for the album. Whipkey shares vocal duties with Stephen Sheehan and Kristen Buell, and he lets guitarists like Cory Weber go off.

It’s a really fun record that I’ve enjoyed listening to, and it was really fun talking to Matt about the project on this edition of Pops and Hisses.

Whipkey will perform two album release shows on May 13 at The Jewell. In addition to his full band, Whipkey will welcome performers Stephen Sheehan and Kristen Buell., and  each show will feature a special performance from Whipkey’s rock band The Movies, who haven’t played together in more than 15 years.